Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Glyphic - (2007)

Continuing his hugely successful trademark dubstep/electronica sound from the 2006 album 'Oneiric', Boxcutter ups the ante and 'Glyphic' certainly delivers. From the opening title track, Boxcutter's totally unique sound excels. Floating pads and astral jazz samples sit above deep dub basses, with all manner of instruments thrown into the mix, resulting in a beautiful noise throughout. He pursues dubstep with 'Bug Octet' and the dub inflected 'J Dub', and break orientated electronica with 'Kaleid' and 'Fieldtrip'. With the outstanding 'Foxy' he blends deep bass, soulful organ and vocals with soaring pads and an infectious 2-Step Garage skippy break.
Boxcutter is an artist who pushes the dubstep sound to a new level while keeping the dub roots of the music firmly intact, injecting a truly unique flavour to everything he produces. Another huge album from Northern Ireland's biggest and best Dubstep producer.

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