Thursday, September 17, 2009

...And Farewell To Hightide - (1996)

The first album by Maine-based post-rockers Cerberus Shoal (following the lovely Lighthouse in Athens EP from 1996) may surprise fans of the group's better-known records. While later albums by the ever-shifting collective feature a greater emphasis on exotic instrumental textures, the arrangements of these five songs are quite simple, featuring subtle percussion, occasional horns, and layers of guitars and keyboards; comparisons to both past masters of space rock like Atom Heart Mother-era Pink Floyd, and more contemporary figures like Flying Saucer Attack and Godspeed You Black Emperor! are inevitable.
Starting with their punk rock roots upon their 1994 formation, Cerberus Shoal relocated from Maine to Boston when the first line up of Caleb Mulkerin (guitar), Chriss Sutherland (bass/ vocals), Tom Rogers (drums) and Josh Ogden (guitar) was established. After a handful of shows at ABC No Rio, a self-titled EP and a full blown US tour all before the end of 1995, a couple line up changes would progress the Cerberus Shoal sound to a poppier, mellower appeal. With Kristen Hedges replacing Ogden on guitar and vocals, and the addition of David Mulder on keyboards, the two EP Lighthouse in Athens Parts One and Two and And Farewell to Hightide... were released in 1996 on Tree Records; both of these featuring Cerberus Shoal's stylistic changes. (

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