Thursday, September 17, 2009

dj BC
The Beastles - (2004)

dj BC received both acclaim and controversy after his release of the self-made album The Beastles, a mash up of music from The Beatles and the Beastie Boys. The music has since been removed, most likely at the request of Apple Records, the owner of all Beatles intellectual property, including their songs. As a result of the Beastles release, the Boston Phoenix marked him as Boston's Best Lawbreaker, the Detroit Metro Times marked his CD one of the best of 2004, and he was featured in Newsweek, and Rolling Stone. Some tracks from the first Beastles album, along with other dj BC mashups and Beastie Boys bootlegs, were included on a rare 2-Part limited vinyl release by the Japanese record label Hotshot Records.

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