Saturday, September 12, 2009

Love Is A Liability - (2009)

Love Is A Liability is fresh like a Glade Plug-In in a room of smokers: post-garage ambience; round, warm melodies; and skippy two-step beats like it's 1999 again. This nostalgic record is immersed in the old New York and Chicago sounds. Falty Dl, has created a more subtle, futuristic Big Apple version, mashing together influences from Hip Hop, Dubstep, Soul, and Electronica. Opener 'Human Meadow' is a prime example of Falty's bouncy, two-step, melody-driven style. 'The Shape To Come' shows off his electronic infulences with Jega/u-Ziq-esque melodies, while tracks like 'Paradise Lost' and 'Our Loss' display his melancholy side, with bittersweet yearnings of chopped-up vocals and bleeps.

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  1. haha i got chewed out something awful for having this album on my blog, watch out!


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