Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Nights Behind The Tree Line - (2004)

This is Henry Rollins reading excerpts and passages from a few of his books. Tracks 1 - 5 are from his book "Solipsist", Tracks 6 - 15 are listed as being previously unreleased though they're actually from his most recent book of poetry/prose/ranting "Roomanitarian", and the last track is from his "Broken Summers" book. A lot of different topics are covered on this one... "Kalifornia Dreaming" is about the perils of being 'American'. "Coma Season" is about the wear of life and the memories lost along the way. "Visiting Los Angeles" is deadly accurate and delivered with as much sarcasm and cynicism as you could possibly imagine,hilarious. Over all this is an excellent cd,with words and thoughts about the alienation of life and modern day reality that chill you, make you think, and challenge you. Anyone into Henry Rollins or a fan of that which fearlessly tells the truth out loud should check it out.

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