Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fragments Of The Universe Nurse - (2008)

Watching Human Eye onstage is like being attacked by space aliens. They are like something dreamed up by Philip K. Dick during an acid flashback, a science fiction sound world with rock and roll roots assaulting all of the senses. Their second full-length release, "Fragments of the Universe Nurse", continues their musical mission with more mind-derailing time changes, laser-beam synthesizer blasts, hallucinatory overdriven echoplex, and a generally brutal assemblage of disparate elements from a sonic palette that ranges from mid-70's punk rock to psychedelia, prog, free jazz, and Sci-Fi movie sound effects. Writhing giant robot snakes, huge illuminated plastic eyeballs, flying T.V. sets, and exploding flourescent paint-filled balloons only heighten the atmosphere of transformed reality and universal anxiety suggested by Human Eye's music. The musical structures whirl and explode in an entangled storm of opposites fusing together and colliding with strange precision. On first listen, you might think you're hearing traces of Beefheart, Germs, Chrome, Soupy Sales, the Residents, Hendrix, Gentle Giant, and the Boredoms. By the second or third listen, you'll (hopefully) be too disoriented to think, analyze, etc.

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