Monday, September 28, 2009

1997: The Missing Year -
The Original Disfigured Night Arrangement
- (2009)

Over the years, The Residents have been so prolific that it's easy to see that a year could have simply vanished and gone unnoticed. And one did - 1997, THE MISSING YEAR!In the early to mid 90's, The Residents were quite active in the creation of CD-ROMs, releasing Freak Show, The GingerBread Man, and Bad Day on the Midway from 1992-95. With another CD-Rom, I Murdered Mommy, scheduled for 1996, the group expected to continue working in that direction for some time, but the CD-ROM market unexpectedly dried up and support for the project disappeared, leaving Mommy as yet another unfinished, semi-mythical masterpiece. So much time was devoted to writing and designing the CD-Rom that, other than some soundtrack music for the game and a short side project, Pollex Christie, no music was recorded in 1996.Having lost so much time on a dead concept, 1997 finally arrived, but the new year was not so happy. For the first time in decades, The Residents had absolutely nothing in the works. No CD-ROM, no album, no plans. 1997 was born dead. And truthfully, the year never got much better, but the group did begin moving in some interesting new directions.Creatively, The Residents saw Pollex Christie as a successful experiment, consequently they decided to follow it up with another highly experimental, classically styled piece. Moving quickly, in the spring of 1997, the group began work on a new 15 min work, Disfigured Night, and soon roughed out a MIDI arrangement.

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