Friday, September 25, 2009

Pollex Christi EP - (1997)

Here The Residents purport to interpret N. Senada's 1937 piece The Big Toe (or Thumb) Of Christ. It is said that the composer would build a piece by appropriating the works of others, though he would leave holes in the "blueprint" for others to fill. Thus The Residents recreate a work that steals heavily from classical music, filling in the gaps with television theme tunes such as Popeye The Sailor Man and The Theme From Star Trek. The finished result sounds as good as the idea, an impressive musical collage, the highlight is their rendition of Carmina Burana by Orff.
Pollex Christi is deliberately very difficult to play, because Senada wanted mistakes. "They introduce unimaginable variations into the music," he said. "If the audience wants perfectly played music, let them listen to angels. Human music should stumble along most pitifully."
This recording was originally released in a limited edition of 400 numbered copies.

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