Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Bogcast Interview - (2006)

Molly Harvey is a San Francisco based singer who began as a Ralph Records employee but by the mid-90's contributed to virtually all of The Residents' many projects. The Residents' increased reliance on Harvey - essentially handing her half of the vocal duties since at least Demons Dance Alone - seems to incidentally parallel their artistic revitalization. She also is a writer and released her first book, entitled "He Cuts Hog," a collection of her writings and sketches. These interviews were originaly posted on Bogcast, which is a blog site that is hosted by Sparky Sparkman and features in-depth conversations with artists that are associated with The Residents. The Molly Harvey interviews are from Jan. 26th 2006 and Feb. 1st 2006. Also featured at the end of each interview is a piece of Residents music that showcases Molly's vocal talent. Molly can be heard on The Gingerbread Man, Wormwood and Demons Dance Alone , just to name a few.

Interview Part 1

Interview Part 2

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