Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas - (1994)

F.M. Einheit teams up with guitarist Caspar Brötzmann for a series of improvised duos leaning heavily into the extreme noise end of the spectrum. Brötzmann had previously recorded an improvisational duo with his father, the great free saxophonist Peter Brötzmann (Last Home, Pathological) and seemed somewhat uncomfortable in the genre. As noisy and relatively free as his playing is with his trio Massaker, it appears that deep in his heart he's a rocker and it's in a rock context, however widely defined, that he shines brightest. Here, Einheit never supplies a regular rhythm but rather an array of generally harsh percussive sounds and Brötzmann tends to react with similar attacks including whorls of feedback and his trademark grimily fuzzed guitar. Fans of Einheit might enjoy this foray into riskier territory, but listeners hoping for something akin to the ecstatic heights scaled by Brötzmann in his early Massaker albums will be in for something different than expected. Not your typical Christmas album....or is it a Christmas album at all ???

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