Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Live In Chicago - (1986)

Live In Chicago is a set that captures the impressive music talents of the entire band during 1986. As a guitarist, Snakefinger had a style where he was constantly sounding as though he was one note from being entirely off-kilter, yet never losing the thread of the song. The ten songs on Live In Chicago are cultivated from his solo career but do not have any in common with The Vestal Virgins' Night of Desirable Objects, the studio album released around the same period of time. The most intriguing aspect of the album is that while earlier in his career, Snakefinger sounded like he was trying too hard to be weird. With The Vestal Virgins, the oddness of the music is completely unforced and just naturally oozes from the music.



  1. My request answered! I fucking love you!!!

  2. I'm only on "Eva's Warning" and I'm wondering why Snakefinger isn't a bigger part of my life anymore. This error is now corrected. Thanks again DD.

    still miss 2 drink.


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