Sunday, January 17, 2010

Plays The Music Of "Walls In The City" - (1994)

The Denison/Kimball Trio may be loosely dubbed jazz, but you'll really hear avant garde guitar rock dominating Walls in the City. The nominal leaders' past and present stints as members of Mule and The Jesus Lizard won't get them on Wynton Marsalis's rolodex anytime soon, either, although jazz and rock are not mutually exclusive forms when music seeks a middle ground between Sonic Youth's noise and Esquivel's martini pop. Denison and Kimball created Walls in the City's music for a small Chicago-made movie by the same name you're more than likely never to see. It's as spare as you'd want a down-and-way-out, last-round-in-a-dirty-dive soundtrack to be, and guitarist Denison and drummer Kimball (brushes and bongos only) don't need much to make truly disarming, though altogether digestible, sounds.

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