Saturday, January 2, 2010

Brained By Falling Masonry EP - (1984)

A rare 12” from the early eighties, this EP contains two tracks both of which were re-released on the 'Large ladies with cake in the oven' compilation. A Short Dip in the Glory Hole' is Nurse's tribute to David Lynch's seminal avant-garde horror masterpiece Eraserhead. Slow distant voices and what sounds like a flute or other wind instrument create a dark ghostly atmosphere before the subtlety is broken by the entrance of processed drones, cries and mechanical shrieks. Again the voices return subduing the noise and parading around your ears in a very peculiar and disorientating way. They very slowly fade out, lulling you into a false sense of security before the blinding screams leap in. The collaboration between Nurse and Jim (foetus) Thirwell titled 'Brained By Falling Masonry' is a very nifty piece. Steve Stapleton gives a nod to his beloved Krautrock (Brainticket loops being used on this track) with the songs juddering, rhythm and rocky backdrop.

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