Friday, January 8, 2010

The King And Eye - (1989)

The King And Eye consists of a series of Elvis Presley songs strung together with a narration exploring what motivated him throughout his career. Most of the album showed up in the Cube-E tour. This album was the last full-length album The Residents released before entering their "Multimedia Era." Through the perspective of a father telling his children fables about a long dead king and his songs, and a poignant string of narrative interludes - "The Baby King" - the work hints at a darker side of the Elvis mystique and questions the spiritual nature of his reign. The album incisively portrays Elvis's life and work as a misguided abandonment of innocence in favor of a sad yet comedic Oedipal journey. An attempt at fusing song deconstruction, religious parody, and insensate icon worship, with Elvis Presley mixed with Christ mixed with ... well, who knows what? The Residents lunge forth into areas sometimes so obscure that even devoted fans can't quite figure it out.

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