Sunday, February 21, 2010

Land Of Thin Dimes - (1999)

Behold, Land Of Thin Dimes, a dark and spooky eponymous record. Ringleaders Nolan and Drew Cook interweave otherworldly guitar-textures and also own their own go-cart factory. With co-conspirators Rubberman, The Mysterious Mangum, and Crosskill, these men of Dimes have delivered a record that is sweet, nervous, and unpredictable. Like a soundtrack to some crazed non-existent film, Land Of Thin Dimes is largely instrumental, leaning more toward the development of characters ensnared in their own rich, hypnotic themescapes than on any historically accurate song formula. Influences range from The Who, King Crimson and Hendrix, to The Residents and Mad Professor but their sound is uniquely their own.

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