Saturday, February 27, 2010

Talking Light - (2010)

The story of the Talking Light piece is basically that of an older man who questions, not only decisions he made as a teenager, but also if the events he remembers from that time happened at all. "A dead infant clutching a ring with an inscription the teenager cannot read" is the stuff of dreams. The following stories in the show may or may not shed light on the inscription. Questions remain unanswered. The Residents study death, not as a horrific end, but as the ultimate question that we all ask while wondering if any of it is even real. "What are ghosts" ask The Residents - spirits of those no longer inhabiting the flesh, but unable to leave their lives behind? Or could ghosts be a manifestation of something even less tangible, like loneliness, unfulfilled desire or isolation? In a world where nearly everything has become defined and categorized, how do we fill our obvious, purely human need for the fuzzy , vague and supernatural - with TV commercials? The ghost of a morbidly obese woman haunts her lesbian lover, filling the void of death with food commercials and Dr. Phil. A man becomes obsessed by the spirit of an executed serial killer who stuffed the mouths of his victims with Pudding Roll Ups, an extinct kid's food from the 1980's. A dead boa constrictor named Leonard (after Leonard Cohen, of course) plagues the mind of its former owner, currently consuming Oscar Meyer hot dogs by the dozen. These are just a few of the "ghost stories" told through the magic of The Residents' Talking Light. The first part of this tour consisted of sixteen shows performed in the USA and Canada while the second leg of the tour will take place in Europe starting in late April. This posting features the show from Webster Hall, NYC that took place on Feb 9th 2010. It is divided into three parts instead of individual tracks. The setlist is as follows.

Demons Dance Alone, Sleepwalker, Story: The Talking Light, Six More Miles, Mirror People 1, They Are The Meat, He Also Serves, Mirror People 2, Story: Leonard, Semolina, My Window, Death In Barstow, Mirror People 3, Story: The Unseen Sister, Mirror People 4, The Old Woman, Lille, Bury Me Not, Die-Stay-Go.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


  1. I'll keep trying but MediaFire is giving me the message part 3 is not available. Is there a way to reup?


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