Saturday, February 6, 2010

Plasmic Tears And The Invisible City EP - (2002)

Here's another example of Zen Guerrilla's prolific output: a 24 minute cd ep containing what they call, with good reason, a "flip-out psychedelic instrumental" that serves as the soundtrack to a film entitled "Plasmic Tears And The Invisible City". The disc starts off a lot more mellow than we are used to hearing from these notorious jams-kicker-outers, but gradually builds into louder, heavier realms of warm psych guitar swirl and motorik rhythm, not unlike the krautrock grooves of Ash Ra Temple or modern practicioners of the same like Circle and Mogwai. But then about 15 minutes in, it seems like the (presumably drugged-out) characters in the movie have entered some futuristic club or something, as the heavy 70s psych jams suddenly meet bleeping mechanical beats, shortwave radio noise, unintelligible voices, and even some sampled old timey jazz. It turns into a psychedelic funhouse sound collage -- definitely a "trip". It would be nice with visuals for sure.

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