Saturday, March 13, 2010

Machine Conspiracy - (2010)

Conforce, is Dutch techno producer Boris Bunnik. Machine Conspiracy continues in the same vein as Conforce's recent releases on Meanwhile and Modelisme, focusing on a bright and buoyant dub techno vibe. The album was recorded mostly in his bedroom in Leeuwarden, with two tracks originating on the Island of Terschelling, an isolated Dutch isle where Bunnik grew up, which is pictured on the album's cover. All the tracks on Machine Conspiracy are previously unreleased. Lush and melodic Detroit/Dutch techno album from the mighty Conforce. Ever since the release of his 'Our Concern EP' in late 2007, Boris Brunnik has forged a celebrated catalogue of heart-warming techno for labels like Rush Hour and Curle. He arrives at his debut album for Meanwhile, shaping six tracks (the CD release has ten) of synth-cushioned headspaces equally at home on the 'floor or the bedroom. His sound takes the most florid elements of Detroit operators like Carl Craig or Derrick May and fuses them with a European dub-techno sensibility to place him in the recent tradition of Convextion.

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