Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Extra Width - (1993)

Extra Width is a crankin' piece of bluesoid ranting, with Jon Spencer working up one hysterical performance after another. "Afro" sounds like an old Curtis Mayfield track. Similarly, "Soul Letter" is a hefty chunk of riff-muck, as is the noisy bliss of "Soul Typecast." The playing is energetic and unhinged, and Spencer drives the engine with his whoopin' and hollerin'. Plenty of noticeably '70s production techniques add to the atmosphere, contributing significantly to what may be Spencer's best record.


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  1. thanks for this, I think I must have played the cassette I own of this record a thousand times in the last fifteen years. This record taught an entire nation of Superchunk obsessed pop geeks how to dance during the doldrums of the mid-nineties. Equally worthy of adulation is the Kat Bjelland, Stuart Grey, Russell Simins trio: Crunt(s/t), from around the same time. Their record was released on the more than excellent Trance Syndicate, home of Bedhead, Johnboy, Drain, Ed Hall, (the sadly forgotten) God and Texas, Windsor for the Derby, and early AMANSET... and more, of course.


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