Monday, March 15, 2010

The Sandman Waits EP - (2007)

This disc was offered as a bonus for people who pre-ordered The Voice Of Midnight CD from Ralph America. Originally it was announced to be limited to 300 copies, but preorders exceeded expectations and the number of copies manufactured was bumped up to 500. The disc was manufactured by Ralph America for the Cryptic Corporation, but the label is listed as eL Ralpho. It was Issued in a plastic envelope with a single card inlay. An interesting note: I have seen this EP for sale at The Residents merchandise table when I was at the recent Talking Light show and believe it or not, the price was $125 !!! No kidding.

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  1. I can't even wait the 2 more minutes of downloading to thank you. THANK YOU! As a high schooler in the 80's, I tried to get my hands (or at least ears) on all things Rez. With the exception of the very first few things I thought I had it licked. Then the 90's rolled threw and it got out of hand pretty quick. Limited edition releases put a toll on me. Thank heaven & Al Gore(Nah fuck Al. I still remember the PMRC. Asshole!)for the internet.
    I couldn't believe I found the Warner Brothers Album & Baby Sex(please use "The Residents Baby Sex" when googlin' that title). While I still buy all the major releases, trying to buy all those odds and ends EPs is just to much for me. Thats why I'm taking a minute to thank my main man DitchDigger for his efforts. This is the only site I check everytime I sit in front of the computer. Even if I don't know the band I check it out, cuz 9 out of 10 times(probley higher)DD is on the money. Plus he filled my request for SnakeyWakey!!! Cheers.


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