Friday, April 9, 2010

Rape On The Installment Plan - (2000)

Boasting a veritable who's who of noise rock, the Heroine Sheiks' Reptilian Records debut is anything but categorically simple. In fact, from this radioactive sea-foam of New York art-scum noise — from guitarist Norman Westberg — and left-field Midwestern acid-damaged punk rock — from vocalist Shannon Selberg — comes a wacko, purely crystallized noise rock revival album. The Heroine Sheiks — and Rape on the Installment Plan — is significantly tighter, and more musically adept, than the one parent group — the Cows — and more boisterous, song-oriented, and catchy than the other parent group — the Swans. As he had begun doing on the Cows' final album, Sorry in Pig Minor, Selberg again proves himself a screwball multi-instrumentalist, playing keyboard and bugle, while singing in his trademark sneer. Something off the beaten track, for certain.

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