Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Warner Bros. Album - (1971)

The Warner Bros. Album is the title of an album's worth of early recordings by the then-unnamed avant garde group, The Residents, sent to the Warner Bros. record label in the hopes of obtaining a record contract. The band mailed it anonymously to Harve Halverstadt, who worked at the label with Captain Beefheart, one of the band's musical heroes. The tape was rejected and returned, addressed to "Residents, 20 Sycamore St., San Francisco". This is the origin of the group's name, which was at first "The Residents, Uninc." but was later shortened to The Residents. The Residents agree that Halverstadt made the right decision, as the tapes were of poor quality. The entire album was broadcast on an Oregon radio station in 1977 during a Residents Radio Festival, and was later heavily reworked for release in 2003 as WB: RMX. Otherwise, the album has never been released.

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  1. It may sound like blasphemy but I don't care much for this one. I got it online about a year and 1/2 ago. It's interesting to hear. I like "Baby Sex" much better (please don't quote me on that!!!). This is worth the download.


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