Saturday, April 24, 2010

THX 1138
The Walter Murch Cut - (1971)

To compliment the THX 1138 movie soundtrack which I posted a few months back I just had to go ahead and post this excellent project that was put together by Weil's Time Capsule blog. Here is what was said about it. "I recorded the sound of this first movie of George Lucas on my tape recorder with a microphone near the tv speaker when it was broadcasted on television, around 1973 I think.I listened to this beautiful futuristic soundscape again and again. Till my tape recorder broke and was replaced by a cassette deck. Some years ago THX 1138 came out on dvd, and it had a special feature: the soundtrack without the actors voices. A pity was, that also the voices of the electrogod and robocops were removed, which were essential for the atmosphere to me.So I made my own mix where I brought back the voices of the cops and godmachine. I divided this mix more or less into the chapters of the movie. Another extra on the dvd were comments from Walter Murch you could jump to during the film. I extracted these explanations, removed the ehh's and ahh's, added some sound references and included them too." This is highly recommended listening if you are a fan of the amazing science fiction film. Thanks Weil's. (

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