Sunday, April 25, 2010

Pohádky Ze Zapotrebi - (1995)

The Czech ensemble Uz Jsme Doma debuted in 1985 (tenor saxophonist Jinda Dolansky is the only survivor of the original line-up). Mirek Wanek and Romek Hanzlik joined in 1986. Wanek quickly established himself as the main composer. They play highly creative and dynamic music in a style that recalls both new wave and progressive-rock, but with punk-rock verve. They mix cabaret, folk, Japanese noise-rock, ethnic music, classical music, funk, ska, hard-rock, evoking Captain Beefheart, the Residents, the Boredoms, Chumbawamba and God only knows what else.As much a multi-media collective as a band, Uz Jsme Doma (pronounced ooze smeh DOUGH-ma, and translatable either as "Now We're at Home," or "Now I Get It") has encountered much tribulation at home in the Czech Republic (where rock music was not exactly welcome when the band began in 1985) and varying degrees of ignorance elsewhere. The music is skittish and unpredictable, incorporating rock elements without the influence of Anglo-American song structure. Led by lyricist-songwriter Mirek Wanek, there are at least six musicians on each album, plus a variety of guests who participate in making the next thing heard around the corner unexpected. From punk beginnings, Uz Jsme Doma makes wide-ranging explorations of Slavic folk melodies with operatic overtones and odd time shifts.

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