Friday, May 7, 2010

Zoned - (2009)

German art rock band 39 Clocks were known for pranksterism and the destruction of the clubs in which they'd perform. Theirs was a sound attuned to classic American punk/Nuggets. This collection was put together with the non-completist in mind (originals of some of these records are extremely rare), intending to display the general 39 Clocks vibe, but also some of their more curious wrinkles. A thrilling introduction to this German band. Compiled in reverse chronological order from 1987-1980, this showcases a sound that was an arty mix of psychedelic punk and the chugging repetition of Velvet Underground or Suicide, given a touch of new wave spraypaint through its guitar / synth / drum machine combination. This could be one of 2009's essential re-issues.

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