Sunday, May 2, 2010

Dream - (2009)

Wet Hair is Shawn Reed and Ryan Garbes from the now defunct Raccoo-oo-oon. It started out as a soloproject of Shawn but after a while Ryan joined in as well. After several tapes and a 12", the duo unleashed Dream, their first full length album. Four long tracks of analog synth atmosphere and industrial trance punk. Sure some Raccoo-oo-oon echoes can be heard if putting an ear close to the speaker, but Wet Hair is in many ways different. Melodic, upbeat, focused, dark, warm, cold, catchy, and confusing at the same time. Hints of everything from Suicide and Public Image Ltd to Spacemen 3 shines through. Dream has a strong nostalgic feel, fragments from the past is passing by and at the same time we get a strange glimpse of the future... Glowing stuff.

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