Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Big A Little a - (2004)

Aa is a musical project from Brooklyn, New York. The core members are Aron Wahl, Josh Bonati, and John Atkinson each of whom play percussive instruments and synthesizers. The group has released three full-length albums, and appeared on several compilations. Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore wrote of them "Aa (Big A little a) has a very swank one-sided LP out on Narnack. It has a very beautiful way of shifting its center in unexpected ways. The single side of music is a fat tableau of the kindsa sounds that young people should be making and enjoying in bistros from here to Kalamazoo. Here they club out bite-sized hunks of neo-no, new-wave-electro-murk, disco-noise readymades, French duck calls and a buncha other stuff. And it sounds quite pleasing!"


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