Monday, July 12, 2010

Liumin - (2010)

Although the vapor trails of dub still colour the essence of much of this new material, ‘Liumin’ is an altogether more ‘destroyed’ experience than its predecessor, opening with the washed-out, beatless sequence of ‘In Echospace’, a track that somehow manages to harness the disorientating experience of being a stranger in a strange land, with only the flickering glow of neon lights for company. The album unfurls with stretches of immersive techno and low-end treatments compressed with a growling, unstable focus that’s in turn oppressive and soothing, re-creating the uniquely ambiguous euphoria/narcosis that comes with extended sleep deprivation. It’s an effect that’s perhaps encapsulated best on ‘BCN Dub’, a heaving warehouse thump that’s entwined with shortwave radio transmissions bringing to life a disembodied horn-section from deep in the ether. There may well be some connection to dub lurking deep in the foggy mists of these recordings – but ‘Liumin’ inhabits far more opaque and unsettling terrain to anything you may have heard from both this project, or any of its many imitators.

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