Thursday, July 29, 2010

Alone - (2010)

Kites Sail High so far has revealed a cool and temperate electronic/sampling vibe. The lo-fi, nostalgic, and dreamlike quality of his music is pleasant to one’s imagination. This release titled “Alone” begins as a mesh of illusory images that draw themselves out on a fresh canvas. The listener is enveloped in an emptiness of space soon filled with an open richness of patterns and shapes. The first track “Untitled” begins with a meditational pulsing and addictive beat, accompanied by a steady bass. The buzzing warm drones of organ and warping high melodies catch you in the web of fantasy. “Alone” takes you on a thoughtful journey, from encounters with the outside world to being indoors “Daydreaming At School”. The end track “Sunrise At The Duck Pond” leaves you on an inspiring note. Uplifting stringed notes set you free and release you from the grasp of the music. Kites Sail High politely gives you the freedom to jump right back into the dream world or return to a different state of mind of your choosing.

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