Sunday, August 8, 2010

Jesus Is Magic - (2006)

Comedian and actress Sarah Silverman got her professional start on the cast of Saturday Night Live during the early '90s and later as a featured performer on the groundbreaking show Mr. Show with Bob and David. This platform enabled Silverman to book high-profile gigs for her standup comedy career, along with leading to smaller roles on TV and various movies. In 2005, Silverman's live act was caught in Jesus Is Magic, a no-holds-barred movie featuring Silverman at her rawest, covering every imaginable taboo and pushing the idea of blue humor to its fullest possible limits. A soundtrack of the movie was released in 2006, featuring excerpts from the movie and songs she wrote with Sifl and Olly creator Liam Lynch. A movie starring Sarah Silverman (that silver-tongued genius who makes other female comedians blush with modesty), Bob Odenkirk, and Brian Posehn sounds like a sure-fire thing, especially with some songs written by Liam Lynch, co-creator of the genius Sifl & Olly TV show that MTV so disgracefully canceled. But the truth is, Jesus Is Magic works best when it's just Sarah on-stage alone. The songs sometimes pale when compared with the potency of Silverman's standup delivery, and the soundtrack suffers from erratic shifts in tone and momentum throughout. Sometimes the jokes don't translate well without the visuals, and then there are other moments during Silverman's standup that are just downright raunchy and effective. If you've never heard her standup before, brace yourself. This is just as blue as humor can get without being downright awful and offensive merely for the sake of being offensive. (

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