Sunday, August 22, 2010

Comedy For Gracious Living - (1996)

The State is a 1990's sketch comedy that ran on MTV written by and starring the New York-based sketch group of the same name. Though it ran for only three seasons, it quickly achieved a cult following and was one of the best sketch shows of the decade. Though it aired on MTV, the show typically avoided obvious pop culture parody, instead focusing on absurdity. Sketches were often linked together with some kind of connecting piece, a la Monty Python. Many of the members have gone on to create popular comedy shows and films since the group stopped working together in the late 1990s. After three seasons, major networks began courting The State for a Saturday night slot against Saturday Night Live. The group eventually agreed to move to CBS for a series of specials that could eventually become a series. The last show on MTV aired in July of 1995. The group also recorded a comedy album of all new material in early 1996 called Comedy for Gracious Living. It was shelved by Warner Bros. for unknown reasons and has never been released. it is!

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