Monday, October 25, 2010

Color Me Babe - (1995)

Color Me Babe pushes through to a new, more accessible plane of Babeness. Without giving any artistic ground, the thicker rock textures, bolder melodies (and singing) and a notch less restlessness conspire to hammer typically oddball ideas like "Ego Pimps," "Axl" (Hanna Fox's womanly dig at the rude rock star), "9/10" and "Health" into inviting shapes that sublimate instrumental arm-waving for less stimulation and greater satisfaction. The distraction level rises from moderate to intense as the album proceeds toward "There's a Hole in the Crotch of My Work Pants," but the folky "King of the Rain" — despite some adroit noise-guitar incursions — is unabashedly lovely, vivid proof of the tender human heart driving this vigorously cerebral corps.

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