Thursday, October 28, 2010

Lay In A Shimmer EP - (2010)

'Lay In A Shimmer' is a perfect example of Pantha's sound, all glistening, spherical high end resonance and considerate padded techno rhythms threaded together with a luxuriant cello line. 'Sonnesturm' takes this sound somewhere a little more intrepid, from tentative, cinematic beginnings he introduces a crafty jacking electro rhythm to the background, bringing forward the sparkling melody until it effervesces in HD right before your ears. On the flip, 'Ursonate 3' changes priorities again though, giving a very dancefloor-optimised piece of deep techno drama before the 'Fata Morgana' version of the title track bends the foreground into sprightly colours which seem to dance towards the horizon.

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