Thursday, November 11, 2010

Elephantitus Of The Night - (1995)

Bass and drums, what more can you say? Well, Elephantitus of the Night is made up of four unreleased tracks recorded in 1994, four songs released on the Thee Friendship Village EP recorded in 1993, and a live track from the Stars Kill Rock compilation released in 1992. The music is very thick. One could never imagine music this tough coming from two instruments -- there is so much power from these simple and effective songs. Occasionally, a flanger is thrown into the mix to twist the distorted bass sound. Vocals are screamed and distant, working well with the thick music. There exists an underlying groove to all of the tunes, a danceable chaos. Basslines cut from thick walking grooves to heavy mutings. Drums have a tough syncopation. This has a metal/punk/hardcore flavor with much more fun added. As is natural, the fun comes out of the deconstruction of the typical rock formula. "Nutritious Treat" is definitely the highlight of the album. Bass and drums fill up the speakers with a fast tempo and washed recording. It is a live track recorded in 1992, capturing the manic, fast-forward nature of godheadSilo.

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