Saturday, November 27, 2010

Backsaturday - (1995)

The first aspects of Prolapse's Jetset debut that the listener is likely to notice are the weird rants from vocalists Linda Steelyard and Mick Derrick, but Backsaturday is as noteworthy for its imaginative noisemaking and well-executed, taut, post-punk rhythms as for the bizarre personalities guiding it. Prolapse's vocals, with Steelyard cooing sly catch phrases while Derrick barks obliviously and drunkenly in an indecipherable Scottish accent, are probably as distinctive as any rock band's. But there's much more going on here, like the droning synthesizers and dub-ish drums on "Zen Nun Deb"; the disorienting feedback of "Strain Contortion of Bag"; and the stomping single-note guitar lines on the epic "Flex." Prolapse even pull off an excellent pop song, the keyboard-heavy "TCR." This record isn't nearly as lush as Prolapse's later work, and the focal point of Backsaturday is noisy rock derived from P.I.L. and the Fall, but it's also got plenty of variety. So while the vocalists areBacksaturday's most immediately striking feature, it's the skill and versatility of the other bandmembers that will keep listeners coming back. (

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