Friday, November 5, 2010

Warning - (1982)

After Edgar Schlepper unpacked the new guitar-synthesizer he had ordered for his music-shop, he immediately called his friend Hans Müller and they spent a drunken night toying around with this new device. Müller, who worked at a record company must have seen the potential of their experiments and the two formed Warning. They called themselves Ed Vanguard and Mike Yonder, put on black robes and Darth-Vader-esque masks and invented (and buried) death-metal-doom-disco.The German producer duo hit it big when their bizarre and disturbing single "Why Can The Bodies Fly" was used as the memorable soundtrack for a 1982 episode of popular TV-crime program "Tatort" (Crime-scene). In the now classic episode, "Peggy hat Angst" (Peggy is afraid), the killer listens to the song over and over while playing bongos. He terrorizes women by playing the song over the phone late at night. He finally kills one of his victims (a fashion-model) while she is on the phone talking to a model-friend. We only hear the music blaring through the speaker overlaid with the screams of the dying woman. On the next day, people stormed the record-stores demanding the single which soon climbed to #11 in the charts.This spooky novelty song with its totally disembodied voices and hilariously “dark” lyrics is a lost classic. Outside of doom-metal you won't hear a voice like that (well, Laibach comes to mind... but i get the point) and even today "Why Can The Bodies Fly" sounds as strange as it did in 1982.Take KISS in their disco-phase, bury with Italo disco and Munich Machine and witness the missing link between Amanda Lear and The Sisters of Mercy rising from it's disco grave.Warning released two albums (and two 12''singles) which some goth-heads regard as very influential. (

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