Thursday, December 2, 2010

Saxophone Colossus - (1956)

Sonny Rollins recorded many memorable sessions during 1954-1958, but Saxophone Colossus is arguably his finest all-around set. Joined by pianist Tommy Flanagan, bassist Doug Watkins, and drummer Max Roach, Rollins debuts and performs the definitive version of "St. Thomas," tears into the chord changes of "Mack the Knife" (here called "Moritat"), introduces "Strode Rode," is lyrical on "You Don't Know What Love Is," and constructs a solo on "Blue Seven" that practically defines his style. Essential music that, as with all of Rollins' Prestige recordings, has also been reissued as part of a huge "complete" box set; listeners with a tight budget are advised to pick up this single disc and be amazed.


  1. Hey D.D. Sorry I haven't commented in ages. I bought a house and gutted the whole damn thing. I'm getting old (41-you judge)now and that sort of thing takes a lot out of a man. I hate to write about something without totally giving it my attention. I think its unfair to say something is shit without digging into it. The last month or so I've been knee deep in SunRa & podcast. As of today I have 37 titles of SunRa. The 2 on this site are great. Bloggers, please go down to the right hand side of the site to role call and pick up those SunRa now if'n you don't know what i'm talking about. SunRa was a major influence on the Residents. Bloggers "Why not stop by....." RezWorld or go to Role Call where there are 42 Residents titles to chose from. I would like to give you a couple titles to start with but I really don't know where to start anymore. I started with "Now Available". It's a pretty fucked up place to start. Maybe "DuckStab". Then again I'm not so sure. Wait...what the fuck was I going on about? Who knows. Who cares. Sonny is cool. Mediafire this bitch and chill.

  2. Look,I mentioned I've been listening to podcast without telling you what they are. Because EVERYBODY gives a shit I will tell you.
    MondoMovie (the standard which all podcast are judged. These 2 Englishmen are well thought out and don't come across as smug bastards.
    Kevin Smith's "Smodcast","Hollywood Babble-on", BlowHard(It's not really Kev's show but he's on it sometimes) hosted by MalcolmIngram. Real Time with Bill Maher is great. I don't have HBO so the soundtrack will have to do.
    Not subscribing,but listening to : SoundOpinions, AdamCorolla, MarcMaron, & Jay & Silent Bob Get Old. Special note: all RickyGervais podcast are essential but hard to come by. Sorry about this but I had to get it off my chest.

  3. All of the Prestige recordings are fine, and the Saxophone Colossus album his best of the bunch, and a masterpiece of hard bop, but Sonny's latest and current works are flights to surpass what he has done in the past. 'Some Enchanted Evening' on the 'Road Shows' vol 1 is a perfect example of 'total group improvosation' that is a culmination of his experiments in finding the perfect setting. I don't know why 'he' doesn't know that. Give it a good listen, and you'll hear three masters improvising from beat one, and their contributions are a perfection of its kind.

  4. The third post was actually about Sonny Rollins. Thanks Plug2 for the heads up. To be honest I've only started listening to any kind of jazz for about a year. SunRa & Art Blakey seem to be at the tops of my list these days. My ear is always open to new stuff.


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