Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Summer Tour EP - (2005)

The most important thing to know about the trio Retribution Gospel Choir is that they are likely the most physically fit band on Earth. Drummer Eric Pollard is a distance swimmer, and Ultimate Frisbee champion with state basketball credentials. Bassist Steve Garrington also dazzles on the court, but it’s his long-distance running skills that mark him a champion. Alan Sparhawk, who plays guitar and sings, has extensive experience in American football, has been scouted for coaching work and stays fit as a distance trail runner and member of the band Low. Certainly, this trio would destroy any other band in a 10k race, and then still do the gig. This posting features the first ever release from the band. It is an EP that was sold on their 2005 summer tour that includes three songs from RGC and one from Pollards other band No No Wait.


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