Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Gift For Your Dreams - (2007)

WILL-O-THE WISP is a Greek outfit that was formed in Athens in 1997, initially consisting of Takis Barbagalas (guitars), Kostas Pagonas (bass), Dina Nassi (keyboards), Nikos Manousopoulus (drums), Nikos Chalikias (flute) and Angelos Gerakitis (vocals). Their self-titled debut album was issued in 1999, and saw the band blend vintage sounding art rock with distinct psychedelic elements; resulting in dreamy music with a sound pretty close to early Eloy at times. And for this first creation they created a pattern the band is still following to this day lyrically: English lyrics telling tales that mix fantasy with reality. In 2001 their next full length album is issued, named "Second Sight". Following this release, the band starts setting up their own record company alongside creating new music, and in 2003 "Ceremony of Innocence" becomes the first production from their own label. In 2005 line-up changes are in store for the band, and of the founding members Barbagalas, Gerakitis and Pagonas remain, while Kostas Kostopoulos (drums) joins to become the last member of this reduced, revamped line-up. And two years later, in 2007, the first disc from this new formation see the light of day, "A Gift for Your Dreams".

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