Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Children Of The Night (Bonus Tracks) - (2000)

This is a brilliant repackage of the classic Nash the Slash album, Children of the Night. On the 20th anniversary of the album's release, Nash put together this package, which includes the original album plus several bonus tracks that make this an essential part of any of this artist's collection. Included here is the original (and quite rare) 7" version of the brilliant "Swing Shift (Soixante-Neuf)." This version is melodic and creepy, full of sounds that both fascinate and disturb. Nash's voice never sounded better and it is a flawless song. When he re-recorded it for this release, it seemed to loose a great deal of edge, and now fans can compare the two. He also includes the flexi-disc version of the same song, which is nice to have, as the flex is very difficult to find. It would have been nice if Nash had included the original version of "Dead Man's Curve" (found on the same single as "Swing Shift"), but this is a small criticism. The live tracks are fantastic, and it is amazing to note that Nash is alone on stage making all that carefully orchestrated noise. Also, fans are treated to the previously unreleased "Reactor No. 2" which is an interesting song. The sleeve design is a variation of the original album, and is actually better. More information regarding the songs would have been a nice addition, but again this a minor complaint. Overall a brilliant package. Posted here are the six bonus tracks from the re-release. To get the original ten track album check out my posting from November 24th 2009.


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