Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Zen Guerrilla - (1992)

The rock fusion band Zen Guerrilla is a musical oddity quite appropriate for the Sub Pop genre. Formed in the early '90s in Delaware, Marcus Durant (vocals), Andy Duvall (drums), Carl Home (bass), and Rich Millman (guitar) defined their own musical stylings with blues, rock, and gospel and a rock & roll so real it introduced itself. Playing countless shows across the nation molded a devoted following as well as attention from punk pioneer Jello Biafra. Zen Guerrilla and Biafra met up in 1995 and together he and the band formed a working union that led to the issuing of Zen Guerrilla's 1998 Positronic Raygun and the re-release of the band's EPs Invisible "Liftee" Pad/Gap-Tooth Clown. Trance State in Tongues, Zen Guerrilla's second full-length, followed in 1999. Their early sound was characterized by psychedelic elements, such as delayed guitars and noise washes. Their unique sound gained a growing local following (winning several Philly music awards), however, did not increase marketability. Later, Zen Guerrilla fused blues, rock and gospel to create a sound which could be likened to bands such as the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. The band released their self-titled CD on Philadelphia-based Compulsiv Records in 1992 and Recorded at the world famous Third Story Recording Studio in Walnut Hill. Soon after, Zen Guerrilla moved to Philadelphia and were regular performers around the city at clubs such as the Kyber Pass Pub. Around this time the band began a heavy touring schedule, which would have them cross the country multiple times through the end of the decade.


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  1. I cant believe I am seeing this!!! I bought this so long ago...my cd is a lil beat,awesome post! thank you!


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