Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Singing Lawn Chairs - (2007)

The Singing Lawn Chairs are a Residents tribute band comprised of Peeair and Mr. Spagandy. usually Peeair is behind the keys, while Mr. Spagandy sports the microphone. Not much else is known about the duo other than that they are from Gainesville florida and formed around 2001. It is believed that they split sometime in 2007. This posting features a CD that was given to me while waiting in line for The Residents Bunny Boy Show outside The Blender Theater in NYC on Otober 9th, 2008. The disc includes the group covering 25 tunes from The Residents all of which will be recognizable by any Residents fan, however The Lawn Chairs do make many attempts to rework the songs at times making this an interesting experience. Is this as good as anything The Residents themselves have done? no, but just how many Residents tribute bands are or were out there? Check it out for yourself.

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  1. SLC are dedicated fans who take to the road occasionally and do a fortnightly show on Grow called Krafty Cheese here:

    Nice One Ditch Digger
    Keep on Digging!!!

    For lotsa Rez Tributes visit this page:


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